• Add Hreflang label for Multi-Language WebSite
    Google suggest add hreflang label to multi-language website's header section, it will help display correct language content to correct user, it's also a kind SEO
  • Use PHP and Nginx to control CDN refresh time
    CDN(Content Delivery Network) is a very popular tool in our dev, it use outside CDN server to cache and faster resource load, because of the cache ability, It's pain to refresh. here to introduce a way use PHP+Nginx to full control CDN refresh time.
  • Yii Lib Video Tutorial is coming
    Yii Lib is new Yii 2.0 framework video tutorial by BoyLee, will public soon.
  • From YiiBlog.info to YiiLib.com
    We decided to start use the new domain YiiLib.com since Mar 2016. It's from YiiBlog.info(2011-2016)
  • New YiiLib.com online
    after about 1 month dev, the new Yiilib.com is online, just hope the new site can bring you some new feeliing

YiiLib Story

Since 2010, YiiLib.com is teaching people use Yii Framework and Modern Web Technology. We provide Original Tutorial, Technology Training and Technology Output for users,

YiiLib Development Team provide professional Web solution and Technology Support for company user’s business project. YiiLib is good at provide Web Solution for complex conditions, especial good at SPA and RESTful API.

Domain YiiLib.com start in Mar 2016, it came from YiiBlog.info(2011-2016), Just hope more and more people can feel code’s power and the beauty of Yii Framework, use it for the social and our life.

One Stop Web Solution

Good at provide Total Web Solution in complex condition. YiiLib always stand in customer's shoes to find high suitable solution

Yii Expert

Have many years Yii Framework promotion experience. Know complex conditions and problems. Can give Professional Yii advice based on the conditions

Programer Resource

We have a strong community and a big Programer Net, through this resources, we always can find expert programer to do some interesting things


We have unique opinion on SPA(Single Page App) and RESTful API, meantime we already built a lot of projects, we can give our customer a total solution

Refactory & Upgrade

We are good at Refactory and Upgrade. If you have a project need Refactory or Upgrade, we can have a talk first. You will get something useful

Partner In China

We can help you a lots when you plan do something in China, like build a dev team, be your Chinese Agency or help in your Business Negotiation

Last Work



iTool is a SPA-based online tool system, designed to provide user better online tool use experience

Project Detail
Splash WeChat OA Platform

Splash WeChat OA Platform

Dev WeChat OA Platform for Splash.org, to provide services to Chinese users including: Pro Info, User Verify, Filter Replacement, User Feedback

Project Detail
YuanJia Platform

YuanJia Platform

Dev Online Case Platform for YuanJia Law Firm, support online case manage workflow

Project Detail
XTracklog App RESTful API

XTracklog App RESTful API

Build RESTful API for XTracklog App, support Android and IOS

Project Detail