Yii 2 Gridview cross-table correlation Search and association sorting

Yii 2 Gridview implement cross-table correlation Search and association sorting
2019-08-27 11:38:03 4 Comments Linux Boy.Lee

Centos Regular Auto-backup MySQL Database and send to email address

Centos use Cron do Regular Auto-Backup for MySQL database, and auto send email by Mutt
2019-06-14 18:41:21 0 Comments MySQL Boy.Lee

MySQL Reverse PK value

Say in MySQL Database, we have movie table with 1000 rows, id from 1 to 1000, now we want reverse the PK order set 1000 to 1, 1 to 1000, we can do it like this.

Mac os X Zip Files with Password

On Mac os X system, we usually zip file with "right click files -> select command Compress 'xxx' ", but what if we need zip file with password to protect it? we can do it with a simple shell command, it's just piece of cake, let me show you how to do it!
2019-06-03 11:27:55 0 Comments PHP Boy.Lee

Fix PHP Error A non well formed numeric value encountered

When we need calculate time in PHP we will used microtime function, but you may get error "A non well formed numeric value encountered",let's see why it happen

Javascript module import command demo in ES6

in ES 6, Javascript module import in two ways, the dynamic import and the hardcode import

Yii 2 Migration create BigInt PK

Sometime we need create BigInt PK(Primary) coloum to replace the normal Int PK, in Yii 2.0's Migration tool, you can simple use the follow command to do the work.

Command for iTerm2 use RSA private key file login SSH server on Mac os

If you got an RSA private key file and need use it to login SSH server on Mac os system, you can direct use the follow command, it's working for Mac's Terminal too.
2019-05-15 10:15:31 0 Comments Vue Boy.Lee

VueJS Ajax Request Auto Cancelled via Axios

I got a very interesting issue, when I publish my new SPA project iProject online, the ajax request will auto cancelled by randon. It's the first time I face that thing, so I spent a little time to do the research.
2019-05-14 09:26:57 0 Comments MySQL Boy.Lee

MySQL 5.7.26 Reset Root Password on Centos 6

MySQL 5.7.26 Reset Root Password on Centos 6, I lost my root password with a mysql error, so I have to reset it, the server is Centos 6 and mysql 5.7.26, follow are the steps

Yii 2 datetime picker demo

Yii 2 datetime picker demo, datetime format like yyyy-mm-dd hh:ii:ss

JS Javascript string to number transform

transform string to number in Javascript

Yii 2.0 use andWhere() Do and or query

In Yii 2.0 Framework, use andWhere() function run DB(MySQL) Query like A = 1 or B = 1
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Centos 6.x Install ShadowSocks Server Side Program

How to install and run ShadowSocks on Centos 6.x

ShadowSocks-NG White List Mode

Run ShadowSocks-NG with White List Mode, will only effect with user rules, this topic show how to do it.

Javascript array sort demo

Javascript array sort demo