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Nginx Auto Redirect from http to https

Sometime, we change from http to https, but still have old use or search engine are still using the old http url, so we need create a redirect code to force user using the https, it's also necessary to tell the search engine we are using https now, follow is the nginx config code
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Nginx List Folder's Files Structure, Size, Modify Info

In some Nginx Dev condition, need list the folder's all files with some info, can be done with the follow config
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2017 Centos 6 Web Server iptables Classial Config Rules List

In LNMP(Centos 6+nginx+php-fpm+mysql) Web Server Produce Env, list and explain all useful iptables rules, you can direct pick need rule out and use it for your own iptables config,

Demo Nginx config for Yii 2.0 Web App

This Demo Config show how to config nginx rules for Yii 2.0 framework web app, support index.php hide
Use PHP and Nginx to control CDN refresh time
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Use PHP and Nginx to control CDN refresh time

CDN(Content Delivery Network) is a very popular tool in our dev, it use outside CDN server to cache and faster resource load, because of the cache ability, It's pain to refresh. here to introduce a way use PHP+Nginx to full control CDN refresh time.