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Centos 6 use Command Line mount new disk

Complete operation Command for Centos 6, using Command Line to amount the new disk space
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Centos 6.x Install ShadowSocks Server Side Program

How to install and run ShadowSocks on Centos 6.x
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Centos use Mailx send SMTP Mail

Centos use Mailx and third part SMTP server send mail
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Centos check and control iptables' status

in Centos system, use command check iptables' status, and control the status (stop, start, restart)
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2017 Classical iptables Config rules Demo for Centos 6 Web Server

List classical iptables config rules one by one for Centos 6 Web Server Produce Environment, you can direct copy and use it.
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2017 Centos 6 Web Server iptables Classial Config Rules List

In LNMP(Centos 6+nginx+php-fpm+mysql) Web Server Produce Env, list and explain all useful iptables rules, you can direct pick need rule out and use it for your own iptables config,
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Centos 6.4 forbid Root account remote login by ssh

For safety thinking, in production environment need forbid root accout remote login by ssh, usually will use one random normal account for login and switch to root after login. This topic show how to forbid root account remote login by ssh
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Centos Regular Auto-backup MySQL Database and send to email address

Centos use Cron do Regular Auto-Backup for MySQL database, and auto send email by Mutt
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Solution for Centos Mutt mail send error postdrop: warning: uid=0: File too large

when send attach email from Centos by Mutt could get error "postdrop: warning: uid=0: File too large", it's because attachment size too large, can be solved by the follow way
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use MUTT send email from Centos

in Centos Shell, we can use MUTT send email
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Fixed Centos SSH connection auto break

the way to keep ssh connections for hours, to save re-connection work.