ShadowSocks-NG White List Mode

Run ShadowSocks-NG with White List Mode, will only effect with user rules, the follow steps show how to do it.


{ 1. Use in Auto Configure Mode }

Config correct server info, run under "Proxy Auto Configure Mode", try connection with blocked website like: and


{ 2. Start White List Mode }

By default ShadowSocks-NG don't have White List Mode, in Auto Config Mode will use PAC+User Rules together, if we can empty PAC, then only User Rules left, That's It!!! Steps:

A. Open Commond:  Finder->Go->Go To Folder... (Command+Shift+G)

B. Input  ~/.ShadowsocksX-NG/

C. see three files: gfwlist.js, gfwlist.txt, user-rule.txt, open gfwlist.txt and remove all contain then save.

D. Use Menu "Edit User Rules For PAC..." add/change/delete one rule, save, then new rules on.(DO NOT RUN "Update PAC from GFW list")


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