Yii 2 datetime picker demo

Yii 2 datetime picker demo, datetime format like yyyy-mm-dd hh:ii:ss

JS Javascript string to number transform

transform string to number in Javascript

Yii 2.0 use andWhere() Do and or query

In Yii 2.0 Framework, use andWhere() function run DB(MySQL) Query like A = 1 or B = 1
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Centos 6.x Install ShadowSocks Server Side Program

How to install and run ShadowSocks on Centos 6.x

ShadowSocks-NG White List Mode

Run ShadowSocks-NG with White List Mode, will only effect with user rules, this topic show how to do it.

Javascript array sort demo

Javascript array sort demo

JavaScript Native Time Format Function

JavaScript Native Time Format Function

Yii 2.0 DetailView Set Width Demo Code

In Yii 2.0 DetailView, sometime too long content will break page width, this time need set max-width to limit line width to switch one line to more lines, this topic show how to fix it

Javascript Array Copy Methods Suggestion

Javascript Array Copy Methods Suggestion

Yii 2.0 Left Join Search Code Demo

Yii 2.0 Framework Left Join Search Code Demo

JavaScript use Alert Dialog Prevent Page Refresh and Page Close Mis-Operate

In Weh Dev, Sometime we need Prevent Mis-Operate from Page Refresh and Page Close, JavaScript will help a lot here, this topic show how to use JavaScript Dialog to Prevent Mis-Operate Window Close and Window Refresh

Full Clone Data Object In Javascript

When Coding Vue, found problem of full clone data Object(Array), solved by the follow code

Yii 2 set Gridview Content horizontal vertical centering

In Yii 2.0 framework, Gridview content align like left and bottom, this topic show how to set Gridview content horizontal and vertical centering
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AliYun SMS API return InvalidParamString.MalFormed error

The solution for InvalidParamString.MalFormed error that return from AliYun SMS API

Yii 2.0 GridView Remove Search and Sort Function

When coding with Yii 2.0 framework, GridView is really very powerful, but sometime we need remove Sort and Search functions, the follow code show how to do it.
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100% shut down iOS9.x auto system update

After installed iOS 9.x, the system always tell me new system level update, but I want keep the 9.x. Today found a way to stop system auto update function.