Yii 2.0 andFilterWhere null auto ignore

In Yii 2.0's search() function, if try use andFilterWhere and null together, the generated SQL will auto skip the null one, this topic show how to fix it.

Yii2 Form Label Control

Form is very popular in Yii2, this topic show how to control label in Yii 2.0 framework

2017 Hackintosh Guide(Win7 64 + Mac 10.11.6)

Based On Intel Skylake Platform(Gigabite z170x-UD3+6600K+SM951+EVGA 970), install Win7 64 and Mac 10.11.6 together, original tutorial. Include all detail steps, can be 100% repeat.

Yii 2 Gridview cross-table correlation Search and association sorting

Yii 2 Gridview implement cross-table correlation Search and association sorting

Yii 2.0 Use UrlManage generate front-end URL in backend

In Yii 2.0 Framework, sometime need generate front-end URL in backend, this topic show how to do it.

Yii 2.0 Use Ajax manage Gridview datatable

Yii 2.0 Use Ajax manage Gridview datatable

Mac OS X El Capitan(10.11.6) remove Developer Category out Spotlight search result

Mac OS X El Capitan(10.11.6)'s Spotlight Search is very useful, but by default it will show Developer Category in result and can't cancel it, this topic show how to remove it out result list
2017-03-15 13:47:27 0 Comments Linux Boy.Lee

Centos use Mailx send SMTP Mail

Centos use Mailx and third part SMTP server send mail
2017-03-13 11:24:10 0 Comments Nginx Boy.Lee

Nginx List Folder's Files Structure, Size, Modify Info

In some Nginx Dev condition, need list the folder's all files with some info, can be done with the follow config
2017-03-08 13:16:15 0 Comments Vue Boy.Lee

Different between npm install, npm install --save and npm install --save-dev

When use npm to manage package, will use --save and --save-dev, this topic used vuex as example to show the different
2017-03-03 16:00:48 0 Comments PHP Boy.Lee

PHP link break content not display correct in textarea

When use PHP try to output line break content to TextArea, may found "\n\r" not working, can be fixed by the follow way
2017-02-28 10:32:12 0 Comments IDE Boy.Lee

Zend Studio 13.5 Project lost PHP Language Library

When switch dev Mac, I found because file path changed, all new projects will be lost PHP Language Library, the PHP Language Library can be found by the follow method

Mac OS use Homebrew to install special version Nodejs

Mac OS X 10.11.6 use Homebrew install Nodejs v6.10.0
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Centos check and control iptables' status

in Centos system, use command check iptables' status, and control the status (stop, start, restart)

Yii 2.0 DIY Captcha to custom content

DIY Captcha display content in Yii 2.0, to prevent SPAM. This topic show how to display Add and Sub formula

Mac OS 10.x Check Port Usage

the command for check port usage, in Mac OS 10.x system