Yii 2.0 GridView Demo Code

Yii 2.0 GridView Demo Code, Full cover all basic function in daily coding
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Centos Regular Auto-backup MySQL Database and send to email address

Centos use Cron do Regular Auto-Backup for MySQL database, and auto send email by Mutt
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Solution for Centos Mutt mail send error postdrop: warning: uid=0: File too large

when send attach email from Centos by Mutt could get error "postdrop: warning: uid=0: File too large", it's because attachment size too large, can be solved by the follow way
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use MUTT send email from Centos

in Centos Shell, we can use MUTT send email
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Checks if the class method exists in PHP

in PHP coding, we usually need check if the class method exist, if we direct call without check we could get exception. In Yii 2.0 framework, we can also use this way to check model's relation exist.

Demo Nginx config for Yii 2.0 Web App

This Demo Config show how to config nginx rules for Yii 2.0 framework web app, support index.php hide

Yii 2.0 Use MailGun API Send Email

in Yii 2.0 Framework Send Email By MailGun API

Mailing in Yii2 Demo Code

Send Email in Yii 2.0 Framework by system default swiftmailer lib

Mac os X system problem cause PHP CURL and PPTP not working

The solution for PHP CURL and PPTP not working on Mac os X

Yii 2.0 ajax request CSRF validate fail

When setting ajax request in Yii 2.0 framework, always get 400 error "Unable to verify your data submission.", found the problem is csrf cookies not set correct by test, this topic will show how to fix it.
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git clone command demo

clone version from github.com, gitlab.com
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php generate 100% unique random string demo code

show how to generate random string in php, and how to generate 100% unique random string in php

Yii 2.0 Pagination Demo based on MVC

in Yii 2.0 Framework, build standard pagination demo code based on MVC
SiteMap.xml 101 (Basic Knowledge, Standard Format)
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SiteMap.xml 101 (Basic Knowledge, Standard Format)

SiteMap.xml 101 the basic course, include Basic Knowledge, Standard Format and demo code
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compare PHP file_get_contents and curl for grab online

In PHP develop, we usually need grab data online, we have two tools: file_get_contents and curl, this topic will compare this two tools based on normal develop and give some advices
Yii 2.0 Error

Yii 2.0 Error "Unable to verify your data submission"

When Post Data in Yii 2.0 Framework will get this kind error "Bad Request #400 Unable to verify your data submission", reason is because CSRF check fail, here is some solutions.