SiteMap.xml 101 (Basic Knowledge, Standard Format)
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SiteMap.xml 101 (Basic Knowledge, Standard Format)

SiteMap.xml 101 the basic course, include Basic Knowledge, Standard Format and demo code
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compare PHP file_get_contents and curl for grab online

In PHP develop, we usually need grab data online, we have two tools: file_get_contents and curl, this topic will compare this two tools based on normal develop and give some advices
Yii 2.0 Error

Yii 2.0 Error "Unable to verify your data submission"

When Post Data in Yii 2.0 Framework will get this kind error "Bad Request #400 Unable to verify your data submission", reason is because CSRF check fail, here is some solutions.
Add Hreflang label for Multi-Language WebSite
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Add Hreflang label for Multi-Language WebSite

Google suggest add hreflang label to multi-language website's header section, it will help display correct language content to correct user, it's also a kind SEO
Use PHP and Nginx to control CDN refresh time
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Use PHP and Nginx to control CDN refresh time

CDN(Content Delivery Network) is a very popular tool in our dev, it use outside CDN server to cache and faster resource load, because of the cache ability, It's pain to refresh. here to introduce a way use PHP+Nginx to full control CDN refresh time.
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Format date field in MySQL statement

Use MySQL's date format function to format date in SQL statement
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Fixed Centos SSH connection auto break

the way to keep ssh connections for hours, to save re-connection work.

Use DAO in Yii 2.0 Framework

The Demo Code for how to use DAO in Yii 2.0 Framework

Fixed Yii 2.0 Debug Tool not display correct

When found Yii 2.0's Debug Tool not display correct, use the follow steps to check and fix it.

Yii Lib Video Tutorial is coming

Yii Lib is new Yii 2.0 framework video tutorial by BoyLee, will public soon.
From to
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From to

We decided to start use the new domain since Mar 2016. It's from
New online
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New online

after about 1 month dev, the new is online, just hope the new site can bring you some new feeliing
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hm. back again.

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manage PK in Yii Framework's AR

The demo code for how to manage single or composite PK in Yii 1.0 Framework AR
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understand relation between PHP variable $_SERVER and HTTP request

analysis the relation between PHP variable $_SERVER and HTTP request