Fixed Win7 have time wrong after install Mac OS X

After install Mac OS X, Win7 will show wrong time, usually hours delay, for this case can edit registry to fix it

Create UEFI Win7 64 Bits Install USB Drive (Support NVME SSD)

Create UEFI Win7 64 Bits Install USB Drive, Support NVME SSD(M.2 SOCKET3 Interface)

Install Win7 64 OS for NVME SSD(M.2 Socket3 Interface)

This topic show how to install Win7 64 bits OS on Samsung SM951(NVME SSD support M.2 Socket 3 Interface) and Gigabite z170x-ud3 motherboard, also prepare for Mac Install

Win7(UEFI+GPT) After software activated cannot entry Win7 System or use Gigabyte Bios

Samsung SSD(SM951) install Win7 64(UEFI+GPT), after software activated can't entry the Win7 System, can't reinstall by USB Drive, even can't entry Gigabyte z170x-ud3's Bios. After remove the SSD, the Bios and USB Drive back to work. After some test finially found the solution for reinstall win7 and activated by Key.